Origin X is a leading consultancy firm with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Netherlands. We are specialized in global business, legal, governance, and regulatory compliance for multinationals and startups.

We act as your legal and financial launchpad so you can disrupt the future without reservation


Bank Account Opening

Based in Asia and Europe, Origin X is powered by a team of international corporate banking lawyers and compliance specialists. We’re dedicated to helping startups and established enterprises navigate the often compliance-laden back office of the banking world.

General Counsel & COO services

Origin X has access to a global network of legal and administrative professionals who will keep your company running efficiently across dozens of jurisdictions. We will ensure your business operates smoothly with the potential to expand.

Fund Formation & Entity structuring

Fund structuring can be a tedious, complicated matter for your company. Our team will guide you through every step to ensure a successful fund formation, no matter where you are.

Start-up Packages

We want to light the path for your journey into entrepreneurship. Our comprehensive start-up package includes services such as business formation, IP assignment agreements, governing, and nondisclosure agreements.

What we do.

Entity Incorporation & Dissolution

As you grow, it may take your company longer to react to regulatory and compliance changes in multiple jurisdictions. Our global team will help your business run more efficiently and ensure global compliance.

Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence & Investment

We want to guide your successful evolution, which may involve disruptive internal changes. We offer comprehensive advice to protect your interests, while also building a foundation for your growing venture.

visa residency & citizenship

Residency and citizenship through investment will open new opportunities for both business and leisure. Our team can guide you through the paperwork for the program that best fits your needs.

Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance Consulting

Understanding regulatory and compliance is essential to your business, but can be time consuming to do on your own. We will help your team navigate obstacles regarding banking, investment, insurance, trading, lending, and more.

Emerging Tech & Blockchain

Let our team guide you through the regulatory and compliance of emerging frontiers to challenge the status quo.

Corporate Secretarial & Corporate Governance

A strong foundation for your company will help you grow without inhibition. We can assist you with incorporation, entity formation, establishing operational procedures, annual audits, and more.

How we do it.

Budget Optimization

At Origin X, we believe that a trusting relationship between legal team and business starts with transparency in fees. To ensure transparency, we agree on fees with you in advance – there are no surprises. We fit our fee arrangement to each client and their needs: we offer fixed-fee project pricing, monthly retainer agreements, hourly engagements and other tailored arrangements.

To ensure that high quality work is delivered on time and at an affordable rate, we are continually improving our own efficiency and we use technology to assist us in that goal. We keep our overhead low. Our team works collaboratively. We use a project management model to operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We do not add hidden overhead fees to round out our bills. We also provide flexible payment plans and a number of payment options, including online payment.

Your "outside in-house counsel"

We are your “outside in-house counsel”. We offer bespoke, full-service, value-driven general counsel services to our clients. Utilizing human capital and modern technologies, we deliver the right people and right fit for on-demand specialist projects, standardized overflow support and staffing, without the costly infrastructure of a firm.

We use virtual offices, technology and online solutions to be available to our clients around the world, around the clock at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house counsel team or a law firm. With us, you do not simply get a lawyer, you get access, through a single point of contact, to a global network of highly experienced and proficient international counsels with legal, compliance and business subject matter experts at their fingertips.


We have specialist industry expertise in the following areas

Blockchain, Token Offerings, Private Equity and Hedge Funds, Investment Funds Private Wealth and Family Offices, Financial Services, and Fintech

Our Mission

We make it easy for businesses and investments to flourish anywhere in the world by providing exceptional and seamless legal services and operational support.

Our Team

We are a group of fun, professional and mission-driven lawyers, designers and developers who are passionate about changing the legal services’ industry for the better.
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