CVCF 2019: How to Make Your Start-Up Investor Ready

HONG KONG – On November 6, 2019, Origin X hosted a workshop at Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2019 about how start-up companies can make their businesses “investor ready.”

General Counsel Erika Evasdottir speaks at CVCF 2019 in Hong Kong

CVCF 2019 brought together hundreds of professionals and experts in venture capital markets and digital technologies to help start-ups and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong prepare for success. The two-day conference offered a range of programming that included networking time, investor matchmaking, panel discussions, and development workshops.

With over 20 years of experience with hedge funds, capital markets, and private equity, Evasdottir offers a breadth of insight to emerging start-ups. She has worked with numerous companies to ensure a successful transition from start-up to small enterprise and beyond.

Origin X General Counsel Erika Evasdottir spoke about how start-ups can be "investor ready" at CVCF 2019 in Hong Kong

She frequently works with regulatory bodies such as the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The experience gives Evasdottir a specialized insight into how start-ups should prepare themselves for a successful launch.

Hong Kong continues to establish itself as a thriving ecosystem for digital transformation, as evident by the success of CVCF 2019. Before and after her presentation, Evasdottir answered further questions from startups and investors alike on how to form strategic partnerships that help disruptive technology thrive.

After her workshop for start-ups, Origin X General Counsel Erika Evasdottir chats with attendees at CVCF 2019 in Hong Kong

Although CVCF 2019 is over, we are always eager to meet growing start-up businesses and prepare them for investors. Contact us today to learn more about how Origin X can help your start-up succeed.