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Services & Solutions for Offshore Banking

Offshore Banking Services to take the complexity out of opening an offshore bank account.

Opening an offshore bank account is often a complex process given the myriad of restrictions and financial services regulation across the globe. Origin X Legal takes the complexity out of your hands.

For a competitive fee, you can enjoy lower capital requirements and personalized assistance that includes:

• 24/7 consultation on due diligence for documents
• Compilation and preparation of documents for review
• Direct assistance to complete account applications forms
• Submission of account application to the bank
• Assistance in follow-up negotiations with the bank
• Unlocking frozen bank accounts
• Opening crypto and fintech-friendly bank accounts
• Helping your business expand in Asia, EU and US
• Efficient structuring
• Offshore incorporation and banking solutions
• VIsa applications for employees and expats
• Company secretarial work and nominee directors
• Legal, Compliance & Operational Services
• Regulatory and licensing work for crypto exchanges, OTC, trading platforms, crypto asset managers, and hedge funds

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Navigate the FIAT banking gateways

Origin X is powered by a team of international corporate banking lawyers and compliance specialists. We’re dedicated to helping startups and established enterprises navigate the often compliance-laden back office of the banking world.

Enjoy the benefits from our global partnerships

Our firm operates in the financial centers of all international, first tier and private banks and has global partnerships with banking institutions in Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Germany, Netherlands, Lichtenstein, Malta, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Dubai, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

The Origin X approach is holistic and comprehensive.

At Origin X Legal, we constantly strive to achieve the “impossible triangle” of better, faster, and less costly. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to tailor solutions for our clients’ particular needs and we charge fixed fees without hidden costs.

Recognizing that many deals now involve parties from multiple jurisdictions across the globe; we provide a personal contact who will manage all aspects of the process, including facilitating offshore counsel introduction, building customized negotiation playbooks, and tailoring our legal reporting software for specific client needs. The Origin X Legal approach is two-pronged: to be holistic, by providing streamlined and integrated services throughout the life-cycle of your business; and to be specific and transparent in every engagement, by keeping open lines of communication and setting out well-defined tasks and deliverables at the earliest possibility.

A global team of strategic advisors: Our global network of legal and administrative professionals will keep your company running efficiently across jurisdictions from Asia Pacific to Europe to the Americas.

Transparent, open and efficient communication: Together we agree on a fixed fee that fits your needs.

Corporate Counsel

We understand exactly what is needed when and in which format. We can guide your team through legal background and regulatory frameworks.


Our experience allows us to anticipate trends and developments within regulatory bodies, and to implement the most advanced yet acceptable (MAYA) technologies.

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